Piercings are an important part of self-identification. Your piercings will attract judgment on your personality from friends’ and strangers alike. It is nothing unusual to spot people flaunting their oral piercings either the tongue, lips or teeth.

The most common form of oral piercing is the tongue. While it is supposed to be a fashion statement, there is a complete disregard for its impact on your dental and overall health. Oral piercings do look good but can be the beginning of your oral health problems unless done right.

Effects of oral piercing on your health
Infections – The mouth is full of germs and bacteria whose action on your fresh piercing can cause serious infections. Before your piercing heals, it is susceptible to getting infected and proper care must be observed to stay safe,
Inflammation of the heart and tissues – An oral piercing provides the entry point f bacteria and germs into the body. This can cause infections in the bloodstream that will be transported to the heart. The heart is a sensitive muscle with connected valves and blood vessels. An infection of the heart or its valves is serious and can be fatal for the patient.
Damage to the gums, teeth and fillings – The jewellery worn on your oral piercing has a damaging effect on your gums and teeth. This is because the constant action of your mouth causes your teeth and gums to grind angst the jewellery. Since the jewellery is made f hard material, your gums are hurt every time they grind against it. Your teeth enamel also weakens over time exposing you to dental cavities and related diseases.
Nerve damage – While piercing your tongue, your nerves can be damaged in the process. This will leave you numb temporarily. However, the nerve damage can be permanent affecting hoe your mouth performs. You will not be able to move your jaws or close your mouth as normal. Permanent damage to the nerves is irreversible and an unfortunate circumstance in pursuit of beauty.

oral functions

Interference with normal oral functions – Jewellery in the mouth is a foreign material that disrupts your normal oral activities. For instance, keeping your mouth shut, or containing the saliva in the mouth becomes difficult. Your speech may also be affected depending on the size and type of jewellery in your mouth.
HIV/Hepatitis infection – Poorly sterilized equipment can cause you to contract diseases in the process of getting the piercing. You need to be careful about how you get your piercing done, and the materials used.

If you are considering oral piercings, it is good to be fully aware fits implication on your health. When performed by a professional, the risks can be mitigated. However, it still remains a gamble. As professional in oral health, we strongly discourage oral piercings. We invite you to visit our offices and speak to an expert in oral health for an in-depth understanding of oral piercings and its implication on your health. You can check out our website for more information