Research studies show that only half of the world’s population actually flosses their teeth. Compared to regular brushing, flossing is a more effective method for prevention of tooth loss and periodontal disease. Despite this, most people choose to ignore their dentist’s advice to floss. Nevertheless, if you really care about your dental health, then these are some of the top reasons why you should take flossing seriously.
Flossing is more effective
If you brush your teeth because you want to keep your gums and teeth disease free and ensure that you have fresh breath, then you can achieve it by flossing. Your teeth comprise of five surfaces that require regular cleaning. Brushing covers only three of the surfaces while flossing takes care of the other two surfaces that your toothbrush cannot reach.
Flossing prevents accumulation of tartar
When plaque accumulates in the spaces between your teeth, it quickly solidifies to form tartar. In turn, this attracts bacteria, which corrodes the tooth enamel, leading to tooth decay and sensitivity. Tartar is difficult to get rid of and will often require a dental professional’s attention. You can prevent accumulation of this unwanted substance by regularly flossing.
Prevention of disease
Flossing plays a great role in preventing dental diseases. The beginning and escalation of other more life threatening conditions such as heart disease and diabetes are as a result of poor oral hygiene. With proper flossing, you ensure good oral hygiene and avoid such problems.

Save Money

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Cost saving
People with dental issues require more than the recommended twice a year visits to the dentist. It could be a simple tooth extraction or filling or in some extreme cases, a root canal treatment. The cost of some dental procedures can be quite substantial but by maintaining good oral hygiene though flossing, you reduce the number of times you have to visit your dentist and ultimately the amount of money you have to spend.
Good oral hygiene promotion
Proper dental hygiene is more than just cleaning your teeth and preventing bad breath. It is possible to suffer from bad breath even after brushing your teeth since a toothbrush cannot reach some areas. Flossing reaches these areas to remove food particles and plaque.
Flossing is simple
Flossing will not take up a lot of your time. It will only take just about a minute of your day and you can do it at any time. Even if you will be away from home for most of the day, floss containers are portable and you can carry them around. All you need is a mirror and some floss.
Flossing brightens your smile
You probably know how embarrassing it is for someone to point out that there is something stuck on your teeth. Conversely, you might be talking to someone but find it hard to concentrate on what they are saying because of food particles you see in their teeth. A simple flossing session is enough to prevent such awkward situations as it can pick out any visible remnants of food particles on your teeth.