Your dental health plays a significant role in your overall oral health. Dental problems such as missing teeth, cavities, decayed or chipped teeth can negatively affect your oral health and cause other related health issues for you. As a patient, deciding whether to keep your teeth as is or get an implant is a decision to be guided by a professional expert. Dentists are able to advise accordingly on the best solution for you having examined your teeth.
However, a little knowledge of the pros and cons of keeping your tooth or getting an implant can help make an informed decision.

Retaining your tooth

It is possible to retain your tooth depending on the nature and extent of your tooth condition. Most tooth conditions are treated successfully eliminating the need for tooth removal. However, it will require frequent visits to your dentist as the treatment is a gradual process.


More affordable compared to dental implants
Retaining your tooth will not degrade your dental bone as a result of dental procedures
Choosing to retain your tooth prompts you to learn how to prevent certain diseases. In the end, you learn a lot more about oral care which is a positive lifestyle habit.


Frequent visits to your dentist
Choosing to retain your tooth will not provide an instant solution and requires collaboration on your part.
Dental implant

Dental Implants

Dental implants have long been used to replace missing or decaying teeth, as well as other aesthetic purposes. Its popularity has since raised concern among patients and professionals advocating for more preventive and rehabilitative tooth treatment. It some cases, it is an inevitable solution, but in others, rehabilitative treatment could work much better.


Implants eliminate the chance of contracting dental carries
Implants are a necessary solution to recurring teeth diseases such cavities which have failed to respond to rehabilitative treatment
Implants provide a quick and one-time solution to certain dental issues such as cavities.
If well implanted, they can last long if not a lifetime
Dental implants are firmly placed on the root canal and cannot fall off. This is very reassuring especially to patients who have suffered embarrassing moments when their artificial tooth fell out of their mouth.


It is an expensive procedure one which is rarely covered by insurance
The procedure involved in tooth implant causes the degrading and degeneration of the bone structure with time.
Implants make you more susceptible to gum disease and subsequent bone loss which causes the implants to fail.


All dental procedures have their pros and cons and any decision on which procedure best suits your needs should be done in consultation with your dentist. Besides cost, there are other factors in play when deciding if you need an implant or to keep your tooth. Consider the overall effect on your dental health for both options and choose one that is most advantageous to your oral health. In any case, there is no right or wrong procedure as long a lasting solution is provided for your oral health.