Everyone’s teeth are different when it comes to color. While most people would want to have bright and white teeth, the reality is that many of them have brown, gray or yellowish teeth. Teeth whitening in Mississauga is quite common owing to bad habits such as smoking and poor oral health. Teeth have several different layers that can become discolored because of many reasons. Drinks and food can change teeth color because enamel, the outermost layer of a tooth has pores that can hold stains.

Benefits of Using Tooth Whitening Pastes

Tooth whitening pastes could be of help to individuals whose teeth are discolored due to surface stains. Unlike regular toothpastes, whitening pastes are designed to remove more surface stains. It usually takes several weeks for the results of teeth whitening to show depending on how regularly the paste is used. While tooth whitening pastes may be effective in removing stains on the tooth’s surface, they can wear the enamel layer away and destroy the gum in the process especially if they are used for long periods of time. It is important to keep in mind that the results of tooth whitening can be undone by continuing with habits that contribute to teeth staining because the whitening pastes do not change the actual color of teeth. No tooth whitening paste has been proven to have effectively whitened the inner layers of teeth.

Disadvantages of using tooth whitening pastes

It is quite unfortunate that tooth whitening toothpastes can only restore teeth back to their original color and not whiten them. The toothpaste has very mild abrasives as ingredients that rub against tooth stains and gradually diminish them. If you don’t chew tobacco or drink coffee much, chances are that you will not notice the difference in how white your teeth are after using whitening paste. Most manufacturers of these whitening toothpastes guarantee total effectiveness if the pastes are used continuously but the truth is that after removal of stains through using whitening toothpaste, continuous use will not have any more effect.

Benefits of seeking professional services in tooth whitening

Results of tooth whitening will vary also depending on the condition of one’s teeth. For instance, it may not be possible to have snow white teeth if you have gray teeth. Crowns, veneers and fillings won’t change color because of teeth whitening treatments. If you actually want to whiten your teeth, it may be a good idea to consider other teeth whitening procedures such as bleaching. Dentists in Mississauga are quite competent in carrying out such procedures using a special light and bleach. So if what you want are whiter teeth, the most legal and economic way is to ditch the habit of using tooth whitening toothpaste and visit a dentist. They will show you how to use bleach gel to avoid discoloration and minimize burns. Most dentists will complete the procedure within an hour or so which means professional teeth whitening procedures are much quicker and will save you weeks of repetitive applications of teeth whitening products. Even though teeth whitening in Mississauga may be a bit expensive, it is better to spend more on a treatment procedure that works and is long lasting than buying numerous tubes of ineffective whitening toothpaste.