Poor oral health can lead to gum disease, cavities and tooth loss. It is therefore common practice for most people to brush and floss their teeth. It is an ongoing question as to which is the best method for dental hygiene between the two. The truth is that there is really no right answer because the most important thing is to ensure that your teeth and gums are clean always. However, the following are the factors to consider when choosing between water flossing and traditional string flossing.


Purchasing a water flosser to remove plaque will be more expensive than flossing with a string. It is good to consider your income and budget before deciding on which of the two methods you are going to choose to maintain the oral health of your teeth.

Ease of use

Flossing with a string is quite easy but most people find that using a water flosser is by far easier. A water flosser is able to reach some regions where a string cannot. For those who want an easier dental care method for their teeth, then a water flosser is their best choice.

Flossing qualities

Most dentists argue that a string floss due to the scraping motion is better placed to remove plaque from your teeth than a water flosser. This is however a notion that continues to be disputed so it is up to you to decide whether or not a water flosser can provide the same quality of flossing that a string floss can.

Who can use and who can’t

While it is recommended by dentists to use string floss for your dental hygiene, there are some cases whereby individuals are not allowed to use string floss. Flossing can cause mild bleeding especially if it is not done on a regular basis. People with braces and sensitive gums are at a better position to use water flossers as they are less painful and will not alter the positioning of braces.

Electricity costs

Most water flossers are electric and will need to be plugged into an outlet. If you are already using an electric tooth brush for your dental hygiene or any other devices, adding another item that requires electric power could be frustrating not to mention the extra electricity charges.


A water flosser requires access to water, electricity and needs storage space as well. Dental care tips recommend round the clock oral hygiene for your teeth and it may not be possible to carry a water flosser around. However a string allows for flossing at any place and any time which makes it more convenient.
In the end, the best dental hygiene meth

Most individuals like the control that string flossing offers while others rave about the deep clean and fresh feeling they get after flossing with water. Both methods are good ways of dental care in addition to brushing. To remove plaque, consider either of the methods and use twice a day. Ensure that you speak to your dentist about any concerns you might be having and get tips on how to improve your oral health.