Like any other medical procedure, people will always have questions of why and how dental implants are done. Knowing the answer to some of these issues is important as it helps one decide whether to take the dental implants options without having to consult the doctor and ask the questions.

How much will the procedure cost

There is no doubt that dental implants service is an expensive practice. Many people will try to understand how comes this service is expensive. It is important to realize that dental implant is not a purchase of a medical product but rather the purchase of a medical service. These dental implants are medical devices that are implanted directly into the living tissues of one’s cavity. This placement requires both art and science to actualize. Opting for the cheaper options is not always a good idea as a dental implant done well has a potential to last a lifetime. However, a dental implant done poorly by a general dentist is a horrible nightmare that will follow the patient for many years to come. The oral cavity is a very fragile environment, and there is no room for errors. Therefore, it is important to understand that choosing a qualified Dental implants Mississauga dentist is more important than the price.

What exactly are dental implants

Most people whenever they hear of dental implants think it is a tooth replacement, however dental implant is not a tooth but a prosthesis that is used by dentists to fill the gap left by a missing tooth. It is a small titanium that is fixed into the jawbone forming a base on which a full denture, a single crown, a partial denture, or a fixed bridge can be attached. Once the titanium structure is in place, another structure referred to as abutment is connected to the implant then finally the artificial tooth or teeth are connected. Therefore, it should be noted the implant is a three-parts structure consisting of the titanium implant, the abutment and finally the artificial tooth.

Why do people opt for dental implants

The main reason most people will prefer dental implants to any other teeth replacement is that the dental implant is the only natural looking and natural feeling teeth replacement available for missing teeth. Unlike most of the tooth replacements options available dental implant do not click or slip when a person is eating, talking, or laughing thus making them great for user confidence in social situations. The dental implants are also highly opted for because they are considered a healthy option as they help the user maintain their jawbone structure thus keeping the facial structure intact.

Will my insurance company cover dental implants

Dental implants will not be covered by the general dental insurance cover. However, with the rising number of dental implant clients and the competition in the insurance industry more insurance companies are diving into the dental implant cover these days. In some cases, the insurance company can pay for the placement on top of the implant and not the implant itself. Other insurance companies will not pay for the dental implant but will cater for dental implant treatment if a problem occurs on the dental implant. To be sure about this it is important to get the advice of your insurance company before signing up for a date with a dentist in Mississauga.